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How to Find a Church that is healthy and well balanced
 8 Points on How to Find a Church
1. Look for a church by praying: Start your search for a church by praying and seeking God for direction and

2. Look for a church whose leaders demonstrate spiritual commitment: Seek a loving, peaceful, stable church
    whose pastor is devoted in leading his body of believers in prayer, praise and the proclamation of the word of
    God. Seek a church whose leaders are committed to the unchanging absolutes of scripture. Look for a church
    whose leaders have a spirit of humility and the sense of reliance on God in all they do with an emphasis on

 3. Look for a Church where people love the Lord: Seek a church where people love the Lord. Seek a church that is
     accepting of others regardless of race, sex, social or economic background. Seek a church where you can form 
     quality relationships with one another that are based solidly on biblical truth. 

 4. Look for a church that preaches the Bible: Seek a church that has sound doctrine, proclaims the whole counsel
     of God's Word, and sincerely lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ in worship and everything else they do. We need
     consistent and dynamic learning experiences with the Word that are exegetically sound, but intensely relevant
     and practical. Look for a church where the Word of God is taught clearly and regularly. Seek a church that has a
     balance between teaching from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Look for a church that encourages
     its members to study the Bible on their own. 

 5. Look for a church where you can become more committed: Seek a church where you can grow and mature
     spiritually, where you can commit yourself and get involved, and where people care about the needs of others
     more than their own. Look for a church where the people submit themselves to God and where you will be
     encouraged and held accountable. Look for a church where you can contribute and serve others; don't look for
     a church that will only serve you. 

 6. Look for a church that is trying to reach people for Jesus Christ: Seek a church that takes the gospel of Christ to
      the local community, the nation, and the world. Look for a church that is unapologetic and unashamed about
      sharing the message of the Good News and to reach out and touch the unsaved world. 

 7. Look for a church with reasonable expectations: Don't seek for a perfect church, because there aren't any. In
     every church there are people who are wonderful and some who are not. In every church there are some things
     done well, and some things that are not. There is no perfect pastor or staff because they are human and
     subject to make mistakes. Rather, look for a church whose leaders are sincere, who are trying their best to live
     to live godly lives, and who are committed to proclaiming the un-compromised Word of God. 

 8. Look for a church that is not divided but one in purpose: Seek a church where baptism and holy communion is
     an expression of oneness. Seek a church that holds to essential beliefs. Seek for a church where your time,
     talent and treasure demonstrate oneness in Christ. Seek a church that is committed to equipping believers to
     be effective witnesses to what they believe, why they believe, and who they believe.
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