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                    About: gives a brief description of each page on this website


I. "Home" - has an opening worship song by Chris Tomlin "Is He worthy?".

2. "The Essentials of Christianity" - lists the basic non-negotiable elements that 
      make up and characterize the Christian faith. The essentials are extremely important to 
      know because it:
        A. Forms the basis of unity among various Christian denominations
        B. Helps distinguish cults from Christianity
        C. Forms the only truths over which we can rightly divide over (that is to break fellowship)

3. "Things to Consider" - lists some basic things that over the years have helped me to mature
      in the Lord.

4. "How to Find a Healthy Well-balanced Church" - gives basic information on how to find a good

      church.  A good and healthy church is extremely important and plays a vital role because the

      church is the place where we fellowship and grow.

5. "Analyzing Scripture" - lists topics and subjects that we often times wrestle to understand.  These

      topics are fully discussed in my blog.

6. "You Tube Sermons" contains my sermons on various topics.

7. "Church Links" - list various ministries that hold to orthodox Christian beliefs. It is imperative for us

      to listen to the right people because truth matters. II Peter 2:1 warns us stating, "But there were

      also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you."

8. "Blog" - discusses in detail topics that we often wrestle to understand.

9. “Contact Us” - is a way for you to contact us. Please submit your questions, 
      testimonies, prayer requests, and share your praise report.

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